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>> Monday, November 30, 2009

My stepdaughter was going to a chiropractor for TMJ and possible scoliosis. The ex told us her doctor and chiropractor (where her family member works) said she had scoliosis. We were told the chiropractor visits were once a week and once a week is what we agreed to pay half of after insurance. In that time period, the ex also started taking my stepson to the chiropractor because she thought he had the same problem as my stepdaughter and he had bad posture. She didn't give hubby a chance to agree or disagree before she took him like she is legally bound to do. The the pediatric orthopedic surgeon who saw my stepdaughter said there was nothing wrong with her back. There's also nothing wrong with my stepson's back other than the need to tell him to stand up straight! Unbelievable!!

Fast forward to now...we get an Explanation of Benefits for my stepdaughter for two months worth of visits. She wasn't going once a week as the ex told hubby and what he agreed to pay for. The ex was taking her every 2 - 3 days! What the heck? In addition, because of all these visits, the insurance company isn't paying them - they're doing a review on the case.

Nice! We agreed to once a week! If the insurance company refuses to cover most of these visits, all I am writing a check for is one per week, as we agreed upon. The ex can stew in her lies and pay the cost.


Mommy of 3 December 1, 2009 at 6:44 AM  

That sounds like something we would go through. I hate medical things with the Ex. She feels that WE are required to pay for EVERY thing regarding SS's medical. SHE is supposed to cover him on her own insurance, BUT somehow always sneaks around it with FOC. Hopefully you have it in writing that you said that you would pay for once a week, not whenever she went. That too is somewhere where we would get screwed, if it wasn't in an email, it would just be her word against ours.

Why do they have to MAKE there be something wrong with these kids?? Why would you push that she has TMJ and scoliosis, without a real examine?? Our Ex has went so far as to say that the SS has a brain tumor, when he really didn't. As a mom, WHO does that kind of stuff??

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