Been awhile...

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's been awhile since I've posted regularly. I've reduced the amount of blogging that I've done for years and stopped paying for the domain name for this site so I'm just a regular blogspot blog now.

We are gearing up for the end of the school year. Our oldest is graduating from high school and looking forward to 7-8 years of college, starting in a few months. Our second oldest has his first girlfriend, first job, and driver's permit (all before age 16...scary). Our third oldest is almost done with the joys of middle school and will start high school. Our youngest, still in elementary, went through a bad time with a virus - lost a lot of weight because couldn't keep much of anything down for a week but she is better now. We are trying to get her agreement to homeschool (yes, we can say 'you ARE going to homeschool' but we want her full cooperation and we have time before the next school year starts to get it).  This commom core/PARCC testing crap is such a waste of instruction time (that's been a fight with the school the last few months).  I am NOT a fan of common core.

Stepkids - yeah, still haven't seen them since the last time I posted. I have heard they will be here for their sister's high school graduation next month. Shocker! The ex is actually going to "allow" them to drive down here by themselves (yeah, if you remember, SD is above drinking age and SS graduated a couple years ago) but the ex still rules their roost. Whatever. That's up to them to deal with...not my problem.

I love saying that. NOT MY PROBLEM. LOL


White Trash from the Other Side

>> Monday, February 2, 2015

I don't care how old my kids get. If they behave disrespectfully or nasty, I'm going to call them on it whether they are nine or 19 (or four or 40!).

You would not believe (or maybe you would) the nasty language used on my stepdaughter's Facebook page by my 19yo stepson and one of his friends. It was disgusting and it wasn't filtered so anybody on her FB could see his language - grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, his mother, etc. When I commented on the post that younger siblings could see the post on her FB, the response was "you guys are weird". I couldn't tell if she was directing that at somebody else in the thread or me. If it was directed at me?  I'm weird for not wanting kids to be subject to the most disgusting language (it just wasn't a cuss was nasty smut about what each boy could do with very explicit, white trash language). We ended up taking off our youngest child from her sister's FB so she wouldn't see it. The ex's dad ended up calling my SS out on it on FB - told him to show more respect for his grandmother. The ex? Nah, why should she parent? Why start now? She not only responded passively to it on FB, she allowed it to stay up. You'd think embarrassment alone for how the rest of the family views that behavior and her reaction would be enough for her to do something. Nope. Guess she's done pretending to be something she isn't?

Maybe my expectations are too high. If you raise your kids without rules or consequences, and they act like white trash, I guess they're just behaving in the same way they've always been allowed to when they've been with her.

Nope. I expect MY kids to be respectful. If I raise them to act like white trash, then shame on me.


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