60 Days Up - Come on letter!!

>> Friday, September 27, 2013

This week was the 60-day time frame the family court gave for closing my husband's child support, custody, and parenting time case (my youngest stepchild turned 18 a few couple months ago). Now, we wait for a letter from them telling hubby his legal relationship with the ex is OVER. FINISHED. ENDED.

It sure is nice not to have to ask her for a dang thing where it concerns the kids anymore.  Hubby talks directly with his kids to arrange when they come here, etc. It's also nice to have that extra money every week to put towards getting our medical bills paid.

So....come on letter...show up in the mail so we can have that bonfire with the cases of paperwork from all the court battles and correspondence between us (which was generally fighting for the first decade) that has piled up through the long years.

One thing I have learned from this - to make sure my kids will know all they need to about contraception when the time comes so they don't get stuck having to deal with somebody they don't care about for 18 years.

Advice: Don't pick up people in bars and don't have sex with somebody you wouldn't want in your life for 18+ years. Keep that zipper zipped!


Bellagio - Las Vegas

>> Saturday, September 21, 2013

My husband wants us to go to Las Vegas.  Neither of us have ever been. We've never traveled west, only north and south.  So, I did some research.  There are quite a few luxurious hotels with theatres and entertainment. I don't want uber expensive though. Clean and in a safe area is good with me. Any suggestions?


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