Keep Adult SD on Insurance?

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our medical insurance has a fund maximum and once you meet that, you have to pay 100% up to a certain amount. My daughter was in the ER for second degree burns not too long ago to her hand and that entire visit will now come out of our pocket. Ack.

Now if my adult stepdaughter was not on our insurance as her secondary provider (her mother's insurance is primary), we would not have a huge medical bill for this ER visit heading our way right now for our minor daughter. We will be paying this bill off for at least the next year or two! My adult stepdaughter used up a chunk of our fund on her psychiatrist appointments her dad has no say in and that she doesn't need when she is here...she apparently needs them when she lives with her mother. Pfft...should tell her something.

This irritates me. The adult child who disses her dad and thinks he doesn't do enough to financially support her adult self has no friggen clue what she still costs us as an adult while she gripes about us not paying to support her (get an actual job comes to mind).

We have no court order for her anymore so I don't think she has to be on our insurance? It is our choice, right? She does have coverage with her mother.


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