Week 5 of Insanity Exercise

>> Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I've stuck with it. Some days, Insanity feels like it is kicking my butt and other days, I feel like I am kicking its butt. I am seeing positive changes in the shape of my body and have lost several inches just from exercise alone.

Now if I could find a little more willpower, I would stop eating nachos and pizza and see even better results.


Oh, the memories...yuck!

>> Sunday, April 28, 2013

I've been tackling a box of stuff a day in an effort to get our basement family room cleaned up so we can actually use it as a family room (it's been storage, catch all, the huge junk drawer since we moved here).  I came across an email my then teenage SD sent to one of her friends, where she states how she is joining both marching and symphonic band that meets all summer so, "that way i dont have to go to my dads." That was in 2006.  

This from a girl who used to cry and cling to us and refuse to go back with her mother.  The last time it happened, right before this email, she actually told her mother to leave and to go get me.  I wonder what happened with her mother after they left us because things sure did change after that.

Oh, the joys of old memories.  Not.


Day 4 of Insanity

>> Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today was day four of Insanity and I am feeling pretty good.  I was really sore the first few days but today, there is a huge improvement in those sore muscles. I'll get those darn planks eventually!


Wow, no grad ticket AND change our vacation plans?

>> Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We made vacation arrangements to see my stepson graduate this spring. We were going to their state for a few days for his graduation and visit my family and then after the graduation ceremony, we are to drive north to visit my husband's parents (we haven't been there in three years). My SS finds out we are heading north to his paternal grandparents and asks to go with us.  I was a little surprised (figured he'd have grad parties to attend) but OK, no problem, sure.

A couple days ago, SS informs his dad that he has plans with his friends and wants us to wait a few days to head north because he wants to hang with his friends. Nobody required him to go with us; he asked to go. We are driving from OUR state to theirs, taking work vacation time, dog sitters, etc., but we should change our entire vacation now - extend it - to accommodate his hanging with friends (when he hasn't seen his dad in two years because those friends are more important than coming to dad's house)?

Yesterday, I posted about how dad wasn't even getting a ticket to see his son graduate from high school this year from the ex. We were informed of this on Easter Sunday, obviously after we made vacation arrangements with work, dog care, etc. So, now they won't give us even one ticket for dad to see his son graduate and they still have the nerve to ask us to rearrange our vacation, which we planned around that damn graduation, to suit him?


Oh.My.Gawd. The world does not revolve around one kid - whether their parents are together or not. HE asked US to go; not the other way around. Adults in the real world have responsibilities - jobs, bosses who expect them back after vacation is up, etc.  Our own kids are putting their teen lives on hold for this family vacation.  SS asked US to go, not the other way around.  I understand completely wanting to go to grad parties and stuff, which was why I was surprised he asked us to begin with.  However, don't ask to go and then turn around and ask us to change all our plans to suit him!

Of course, my husband is now trying to figure out how to accommodate his son without ticking the rest of us off.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Instead of calling his son on the fact that they aren't even giving him a ticket to see him graduate and yet he is still asking him to rearrange our vacation for his plans, DH is trying to figure out how to make it work.  It won't. I don't know how long it will take DH to figure that one out though. Probably after he ticks me off beyond reasoning.


Started Insanity

>> Monday, April 1, 2013

Today I started the Beachbody Insanity program with Shaun T.  Wow am I out of shape! This should be 60 very interesting days!!


SS Graduating: Dad Not Getting Ticket to Go

My SS is graduating.  Dad already took off the week from work so we could travel to their state for it, found a dog sitter, made arrangements on where to stay, etc.

Well, it has happened again this year.  The school gives him eight tickets for family to attend his graduation.  Out of those eight tickets, how many do you think dad is getting?  NONE!

He was told yesterday that he would have to find his own tickets to attend. I doubt my SS knows about this since he and his dad talk almost everyday and I can't imagine he would do that to his dad at this point. I think it's the ex and my SD (they pulled stunts two years ago when SD graduated as well) doing this.

Geez, I hope she at least wished him a Happy Easter before she basically told him where to go.


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