Oh, the memories...yuck!

>> Sunday, April 28, 2013

I've been tackling a box of stuff a day in an effort to get our basement family room cleaned up so we can actually use it as a family room (it's been storage, catch all, the huge junk drawer since we moved here).  I came across an email my then teenage SD sent to one of her friends, where she states how she is joining both marching and symphonic band that meets all summer so, "that way i dont have to go to my dads." That was in 2006.  

This from a girl who used to cry and cling to us and refuse to go back with her mother.  The last time it happened, right before this email, she actually told her mother to leave and to go get me.  I wonder what happened with her mother after they left us because things sure did change after that.

Oh, the joys of old memories.  Not.


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