Telling the Money Maker NO

>> Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HHow do you do money management when the stay-at-home person manages the very tight budget and the person working to pay for everything just wants to SPEND? I feel guilty telling him no because he worked for it but really, you can't spend like you have unlimited funds. He says it is "our" money but I still feel guilty when he wants something (he wants a lot of somethings often) and I tell him no. Oy.


Water Disaster Prep

I feel bad for those in West Virginia that got caught up in the water crisis. I'm equally thankful that my husband turned down a job he was offered in that exact area several years ago or we'd be one of those families affected.

Did it make you think how you should prepare in the event of a water crisis? Conspiracy theory stuff aside, this actually happened. Error, chemical dump. Oops?

Really, they say the electrical grid could be brought down and they actually expect it to. Do you understand what that means? Not just lights out. Water filtration - out, right? Are you prepared? No clean water to drink (human body can go three days without water - - then it's lights out for you), no clean water to bathe in or brush your teeth in.


Budget, Family Wishes, Family Time

My son wants to learn to play piano. All we have is an electric keyboard (it is a pretty big one but it doesn't have all the keys the way a piano would). I'm not sure he can learn on that very well. He could get the basics but then he'd want a piano, which we can't afford. I would like a piano, which we can't afford. I'd also like a bigger house to put it in so let's just dream big (while keeping in mind WE CAN'T AFFORD IT).

I'm wondering if he wants to play piano because the cute girl at school teaches.


Digging Out of Debt

So we started digging ourselves out of debt a couple months ago after child support ended this past summer. We have an emergency fund started plus a huge chunk of medical bills that's been hanging over our head almost paid off.

You know what's odd? When we started paying off those medical bills is when that hospital started hassling us over the phone. It wasn't enough that we were sending them a few hundred dollars a month towards that debt (when before it had been nothing or almost nothing depending on the month). They were insisting we contact them to set up a plan and that they weren't cashing any of our checks until we did.  Really?

I kept on sending them the money every month and after a few months, they started cashing them. What idiots. We are down to one bill left with them so it's about time. Fools.

I've read a few of Dave Ramsey's books to get an idea on how best to get out of debt. I feel like a little weight is lifting.



>> Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What is the best way to save space with bicycles? I need to get something for my husband to hang his bikes out of the way. Right now, there is one in my family room and one in the garage. In the warmer months, that bike in the family room ends up in my bedroom.  Ooooh, how romantic! LOL

Can I put an an eye bolt in the garage ceiling and hang the bikes up somehow?  I bought him some metal things that go in the walls to set the bikes on where they hang off the floor but he never used them. I think it is because he doesn't want his "baby" (the expensive bike) in the garage. Period. I tried.


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