Digging Out of Debt

>> Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So we started digging ourselves out of debt a couple months ago after child support ended this past summer. We have an emergency fund started plus a huge chunk of medical bills that's been hanging over our head almost paid off.

You know what's odd? When we started paying off those medical bills is when that hospital started hassling us over the phone. It wasn't enough that we were sending them a few hundred dollars a month towards that debt (when before it had been nothing or almost nothing depending on the month). They were insisting we contact them to set up a plan and that they weren't cashing any of our checks until we did.  Really?

I kept on sending them the money every month and after a few months, they started cashing them. What idiots. We are down to one bill left with them so it's about time. Fools.

I've read a few of Dave Ramsey's books to get an idea on how best to get out of debt. I feel like a little weight is lifting.


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