Adult Bullying

>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

My daughter's cheer coach humiliated her in front of both high school cheer squads for something she didn't do on Friday night. This woman threw a big tantrum and shredded my kid, upset my daughter and several other cheerleaders who were consoling my daughter and shaking themselves.  The coach and I had it out Friday night after that.  I can't stand adults in authority who think they have the right to behave that way.  They don't. Adults employed by the school system should know better.


Guitar Playing Fool

>> Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I first saw my husband up on stage, playing guitar and singing.  16 years of marriage later, he sits across from me right now at the table playing one of several guitars in the house while I tinker on my laptop.  Every once in awhile, he'll look up at me and I'll stick my tongue out at him and go back to my tinkering and he'll go back to his strumming.  We might be a little weird. Maybe.


Love My Coupons

‎Couponing was a success this week.  At one store, this is what I walked out with:

4 boxes Cheerios, 2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 4 Arizona Ice Teas, 2 Ester C Gummy vitamin bottles, 2 Cortaid hydrocortisone creams, 1 Flurry Protein Bar, 2 boxes Triaminic Cough and Cold Kids' meds, 1 12pk Cottonelle, 5 packages of kids hair accessories (elastics, 30 barrettes, bobby pins). 

After coupons = $20.96 out of pocket. 
Plus received $7 Register Rewards to spend next week:) 

A lot of people think if you coupon, you end up buying stuff you don't need and sometimes that is true - sometimes the deal is too good to pass up (like when they end up owing YOU money for buying something after all the coupons).  


Took SD Off Facebook (No "BOOM" Yet)

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been about a week since I blocked my SD from my Facebook.  If the lack of explosion is any indication, she either hasn't noticed or didn't care.  I tend to think she hasn't noticed (out of sight, out of mind) and unless it affects her directly (as in she goes looking for a picture or something), she won't notice I'm gone.  To go from having that little girl's love as a child to this as an adult - wouldn't have "thunk it" possible if I'd been asked ten years ago.  Never.  I am not a betting person but I would've bet money on that.


Fake It to Get It Over With?

>> Sunday, January 22, 2012

Would you fake it to get some sleep?  I just read in the November issue of Redbook (just getting around to reading my stack of magazines) that 71% of women have faked it with their husbands. OMGosh - why?  Not even with our having six kids, and my being the one who got up at night with babies or sick children - his or ours, would I fake it to get the act over with to go to sleep.  If I felt I had to fake it with my husband, I wouldn't bother. That seems too dishonest to me in an act that is supposed to be special between two committed partners. Am I spoiled by a man who wouldn't dream of finishing before he knows I do?  I don't know.  That 71% shocked me.  I didn't realize it'd be so high.


Not an Extreme Couponer...but I'm pretty good...usually

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I coupon.  Not to the extreme but I clip coupons, go to different stores in the area for the best deals, make sure I use the store's register rewards and extra bucks (like cash in coupon format for the next visit) and find good deals online with online coupon codes as well (I've got my eye out for gap coupons right now).  Until last week.

My oldest had a bad virus - she was sooooo sick.  I never made it out until today to shop.  I was so disappointed to see I'd lost $20 in register rewards that had expired - that's like throwing away a $20 bill!  Ugh.  Oh well. Can't do anything about it and it's not like I would've done anything different - I had a sick child to take care of. If I'd thought about it, I should've sent the hubby out to use them in the store on ginger ale and stuff for the sick one but my mind was on my sick teenager and doctor appointments and not couponing.  Brush it off.


My Daughter's Birthday and SD The Unexplainable

My daughter turned 15 yesterday.  We started celebrating this past weekend with cake, ice cream and presents and then will continue next weekend with her favorite restaurant birthday dinner.  Her boyfriend also took her out for dinner and presents.

Not a word from sd or ss to their sister on her birthday.  No birthday wishes in any way, shape or form - not text, not phone, not Facebook.  I'm not surprised.

SD did call over the weekend (she NEVER calls) and she kept calling three different cell phones (but not leaving messages) and sending texts (which she didn't answer back).  My daughter got her hopes up and thought her sister was trying to get hold of her for her birthday.  Nope.  She was being manic about wanting to know why her psychiatrist appointment hadn't been covered by our insurance - - it had been so not sure where she got the information that it hadn't.  Not sure why she suddenly got a bug up her behind over it to keep calling and texting about it either.  Like I said, she NEVER calls and to be manic about it - it was a bit unusual.

Oh well, I've given up trying to understand why she does the things she does or says the things she says.

One positive - at least it wasn't the ex contacting us about it.  It's about time sd started handling some things on her own!


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