My Daughter's Birthday and SD The Unexplainable

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My daughter turned 15 yesterday.  We started celebrating this past weekend with cake, ice cream and presents and then will continue next weekend with her favorite restaurant birthday dinner.  Her boyfriend also took her out for dinner and presents.

Not a word from sd or ss to their sister on her birthday.  No birthday wishes in any way, shape or form - not text, not phone, not Facebook.  I'm not surprised.

SD did call over the weekend (she NEVER calls) and she kept calling three different cell phones (but not leaving messages) and sending texts (which she didn't answer back).  My daughter got her hopes up and thought her sister was trying to get hold of her for her birthday.  Nope.  She was being manic about wanting to know why her psychiatrist appointment hadn't been covered by our insurance - - it had been so not sure where she got the information that it hadn't.  Not sure why she suddenly got a bug up her behind over it to keep calling and texting about it either.  Like I said, she NEVER calls and to be manic about it - it was a bit unusual.

Oh well, I've given up trying to understand why she does the things she does or says the things she says.

One positive - at least it wasn't the ex contacting us about it.  It's about time sd started handling some things on her own!


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