Love My Coupons

>> Wednesday, January 25, 2012

‎Couponing was a success this week.  At one store, this is what I walked out with:

4 boxes Cheerios, 2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 4 Arizona Ice Teas, 2 Ester C Gummy vitamin bottles, 2 Cortaid hydrocortisone creams, 1 Flurry Protein Bar, 2 boxes Triaminic Cough and Cold Kids' meds, 1 12pk Cottonelle, 5 packages of kids hair accessories (elastics, 30 barrettes, bobby pins). 

After coupons = $20.96 out of pocket. 
Plus received $7 Register Rewards to spend next week:) 

A lot of people think if you coupon, you end up buying stuff you don't need and sometimes that is true - sometimes the deal is too good to pass up (like when they end up owing YOU money for buying something after all the coupons).  


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