Birthday Present for Him: Guitar

>> Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I just bought my husband a new guitar for his upcoming birthday that puts him into the high 40's now. I'm low 40's so I can say that.

I'm sure it won't be the last guitar. He goes through them like...babies go through diapers.


Fall Cleaning

>> Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am all about "natural" in terms of how I clean my house and I'm feeling the need for a run through of the house, every room - walls to floor, as we come into Fall.  With asthma and just the fact that there are so many chemicals in a lot of regular cleaners, who wants to inhale those or come in contact with them?  I use products that are found in almost all kitchens for baking - really, if you can ingest it, it shouldn't hurt your skin or lungs, should it? My husband can not stand the smell of vinegar so he does not like my cleaning methods.

So if he doesn't mind using those strong cleaners that aren't environmentally friendly or good for my asthma, he is welcome to clean the toilet himself.  I prefer natural cleaning products. It's better for the environment and better for the health of my kids and myself.


We Got Nothing

Nothing from the Court with a judge's signature showing the case is closed, I mean. If we log in online, it shows "closed" but we need the darn piece of paper with the judge's signature. It's been almost a month. What are they waiting for?


No Child Support Bill

>> Sunday, October 6, 2013

With the savings in child support the past couple months, we've been getting caught up on a few of our own medical bills (stepkids' bills first, my kids' bills know how it goes). After we get our bills on track, I hope to do some more updating to our house and yard.

My kids have asked for one of those playground swings for years.  I've seen some nice ones at playsets woodbridge va. Now that my youngest is almost too old for them, we might actually have the money to buy one next spring.  A few years too


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