Life Insurance

>> Friday, September 30, 2011

My husband has life insurance through his employer.  We also have it through our regular insurance company as well.  Our term insurance through our regular company changes in a week. If we keep it, it goes up to over $200/month.  Yikes!  That's just outrageous.  I guess its term is over and it's now time to convert it or pay the price of getting older.  It's not like we need high risk life insurance companies yet! I'm only turning 40!  I'm considering letting that policy go completely and just sticking with the employer policy, as long as we can take it with us if my husband ever changes employers.

I don't like this life insurance stuff.  It's so confusing!


I love couponing!!!

Today was a small, but good, coupon day!  I only spent $2.99 at Rite Aid and walked out of there with four full-size tubes of toothpaste (three of them the new Optic-White toothpaste), ice tea, and lipstick plus $8.69 in UP Rewards to use next week.  I spent $5.02 at Walgreens and walked out of there with four packs of UP2 Gum, two candy bars, and maxi pads, plus $7.00 in register rewards to use next week.  I loved walking out of there with more money (in UP rewards/register rewards) in my pocket to spend for next time than I actually spent in the store!

Usually, I buy a lot more than this but I didn't feel like doing a big shopping haul today.  Sometimes, I need a break.  Usually, I get a lot of cereals. juice, hair products, deodorants, body soap, laundry soap, etc.  Today was a small haul and with my supply of toothpastes building after today, I'll have a good donation to a women's crisis center soon!

I also need to save money for my daughter's band trip and the holidays.  I'm looking at Luminox navy seal watches for the husband. My daughter's band trip IS her Christmas present (and birthday) so that is one child down and five to go! Oy.


Ever wonder about DNA in your house?

>> Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The ex posted a link to a picture of her boss on my stepdaughter's Facebook today.  Her boss of 22 years looks like my stepson.  My husband and I talked about it years ago because as a child, I thought my stepson looked like her boss back then.  Guess what?  He still does as a teenager, in my opinion.  Coincidence?  I've always wondered.

Oh well, that's enough time spent on ex stuff today.  I have things to research (prices for a rheem heat pump being one of them) plus I need to YouTube a "how to" video on how to change the tub spout in the bathroom.  I figured I fixed the toilet by myself last month, changing out the spout in the tub should be easy too? I hope anyway.


What has the ex accused you of?

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What are some truly pathetic things you have been accused of?

  • I've been accused of stealing my stepdaughter's black leggings when she was four years old. Seriously - I STOLE a pair of leggings?  Too pathetic.  The ex and her sister called to gripe and accuse me.  They had nothing better to do?  I had sent them back with my stepdaughter when she went to her mom's house clean and folded like I always did.  You know, that wicked stepmom doing her stepchildren's laundry and folding it neatly so it all went back to mom's house clean.  Then my stepdaughter wore them back to our house the next time she came over!  Hm, guess I didn't steal them.  Nope, no apology from the ex for that accusation (I didn't hold my breath waiting for one).
  • I've been accused of stealing my husband's manhood.  That one cracked me up!  I'm just a regular thief! I told her if she'd known what to do with his manhood to begin with, she wouldn't have lost it herself.  Yeah, I'm not nice when stupidity tries to cause problems in my family.
  • My husband was accused of stalking by the ex.  She said he sat outside her trailer and watched her because somebody told her they saw his car there - yeah, to pick up his kids!  I told her he didn't want her when he lived with her and that he and I were always together and she wasn't my type:)  That shut her up.  Give an uptight homophobe that line and she backs right off, lol. 
  • The ex tried to tell my hubby that I pushed their daughter when she was little (the same little girl who never did anything wrong as a little one and who was always sweet and loving...never laid a finger on either stepchild, never did and never will).  The ex did whatever she could to come between us. Her plan failed.

This is the same woman who, last year, sent her daughter to me to try to help her because she was having an emotional crisis.  Amazing what happens over the years.

Now I just wish she'd go away except for the few times a year we have to deal with her for my stepson.  These monthly bill sending sprees she has been on since my stepdaughter became an adult, that we aren't liable for, is getting old. She really needs to get a life.  It's been long enough.  Isn't 16 years long enough to stay hung up on the past and your ex?


ELLOS Jeans for Women, Men and Kids

Turning 40 doesn't have to mean drab and boring, right?  Not for me - I still have another 40 good years in me!!  Once I finish losing my weight, I plan on sporting some great fashions like those found at ELLOS.

I've been browsing the Ellos store online for men, women, and kids and I am loving the jeans!  They have such a great range of jeans for the whole family.  For myself, I do not want soccer mom kind of jeans. I want "I'm still a woman" jeans despite being a soccer mom, cheer mom, and dance mom.  ELLOS has them.

ELLOS also carries skirts, dresses, shorts, jackets, accessories (like gloves, jewelry and leg warmers), and some really pretty tops.  I've been online window shopping this pretty sleeveless top at ELLOS.  It can be casual sexy with one of the great pair of ELLOS jeans and boots or you can dress it up with a skirt.  Pretty, isn't it?

They also carry a men's line of clothing that includes jeans, shirts (polos, t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans), jackets, and accessories.  My son is the guy at school who dresses fashionably with the styled hair and clothes with the girls touching his hair.  ELLOS has some great jeans and sweaters to choose from for him for our cold winters.

ELLOS is not just for men and women, it's for the whole family.  Their kids' clothing line for boys and girls includes tops, jeans, trousers, skirts, jackets, shorts and accessories.  Aren't these just the cutest? I could picture my youngest in these adorable leggings.

Their boys jeans are fantastic too.  They offer loose, lined, Bermuda, fleece and combat pants to choose from. I just love shopping for my kids!  One personal favorite at ELLOS for boys' jeans -

Boys would love these jeans from Ellos!

ELLOS, founded in Sweden in 1947, is a trusted name in men, women and children's clothing.  They are the number one mail order brand in Sweden.  For my readers across the pond, Ellos delivers to the UK, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and BFPO Germany. They also have international sites in Sweden, France, Russia, Norway, Finland, and Denmark.  Check them out online.  It's so much fun to online window shop at Ellos - - and if you're like me, you will find plenty of fashions you will want for yourself and your family.


Testing From Phone

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Just testing the blogger function from my phone! Testing the photo option too! Just ignore me.


Career Goals During High School

At what age do teenagers need to have a good idea of what they "think" they want to do, in terms of a career, and start planning it as far as what classes to take in high school and college?  My daughter is a freshman so she has a few years yet and I know my stepdaughter changed her career goals the last year of high school.  Many kids don't make up their mind until after high school, right?

My oldest used to want to be a vet, a nurse (though I can't see her shopping for nurse scrub sets at if the way she squealed when I cut my finger last week was any indication), an artist, a horse trainer, an architect, and now interior designer.  She is 14 - she has time to get it figured out.

As an adult, I would change my mind if we could afford it - I'd go to law school!  At the very least, I'd finish my paralegal degree but becoming an attorney would be my dream.


Child Wants What Stepkids Have

My ten-year-old is asking for a laptop for Christmas!  I can't believe she is talking about the latest laptops and wanting to put one on her list to Santa (she still sort of believes but I doubt that will be for much longer - - she is on the fence right now about Santa).  She saw my stepson and stepdaughter come over with their own laptops this summer, that they got for Christmas from their mom, and now she wants one too.  Yeah, that's not happening.  I hope she comes up with some smaller items on her list because Santa can't afford laptops this year (or next).  If she knew about Santa, I don't think she'd be asking for one.


Pregnancy and Vasectomies

How many valium does it take for a scaredy-cat man to get a vasectomy?  Anybody know?  Wondering what it will take to get hubby to get a little "work done", hee hee.

I've given birth to four of his children, lost a baby, and had one hysterical pregnancy.  I've done my part in the whole pregnancy area.  It's his turn now.  That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

I took a pregnancy test this morning and was scared it was going to be positive.  I turn 40 in a few weeks and the risks involved for the baby with getting pregnant at my age, plus the whole starting over thing with no sleep and diapers...not ready to do that again.  I love my kids more than anything.  I love babies too.  However, despite the urge now and then for a baby, the cons far outweigh that real brief flare of wanting a baby in my arms again.  I'm good with holding somebody else's baby and giving them back when they start to cry.

The test was negative.


Homecoming Success

Homecoming was awesome for my freshman daughter!  She went with a group of friends but the boy she likes asked her to dance and they didn't stop for an hour.  He told her she was beautiful and asked her out to the movies.  He also told her he'd be honored if she'd wear his football jersey again this Friday on game day.  She was quite giddy telling me all about it when I picked her up from her homecoming dance.  I think she is well on her way to her first high school crush.

Yes, she obviously had a great time!


First Homecoming

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonight is my oldest daughter's first homecoming.  She's so excited.  I'll take her to get her hair put up later and then she has a homecoming dinner a senior invited her to from the marching band.  Afterwards, it'll be lots of pictures and then taking her to her dance (she is going with a group of dating yet).  Though the boy she likes will be there (he also gave her his football jersey to wear to school yesterday for their homecoming game which thrilled her).  Remember your high school days?  I do.

Last night, she marched in the band for their homecoming game and had a blast.  What a great game (we won).  After the game, the band marched off with everybody wearing their marching hats flipped backward and some of them dancing.  My daughter was wearing her friend's beret from the drum section (sure hope lice isn't a problem in high school right now...eek).

*fingers crossed* that the homecoming dance is without drama and is a blast for her. So far, she has good memories of her first homecoming activities...hope the dance is the same way for her.


Ex Not Advising Dad

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

The ex also sent us a bill for my stepson for glasses. The bill is dated at the end of July though we just received it two days ago.  Guess what?  The ex never told my husband his son needed glasses. That whole "advise dad" stuff in the court order must not apply to her though sending bills to us still does apply.

Considering she allowed him to get $190 glasses, when our insurance would've fully covered plenty of other ones not out of pocket, we could fight this for unreasonable and unnecessary if we wanted to.  I've not gotten that far yet.  Still working on this BS with my adult stepdaughter and the bills the ex just sent us.  Fun times!


Silly Me!

>> Thursday, September 15, 2011

Silly me - -

I thought when my stepdaughter turned 18, it'd be over with in terms of having to deal with the ex where it concerned my stepdaughter.  Boy was I wrong!!  The ex is acting like she never turned 18 in terms of what she expects us to pay if all the bills she is sending us is any indication (though she is not sharing information about health, etc. like she would have to do if she were still legally obligated to).  Pfft.


One Month From 40

A month from tomorrow, I will turn 40 years old.

*falls  over*


Ex Scamming Us?

We received another bill from the ex for my adult stepdaughter for an eye appointment.

First, we aren't legally required to pay for this. SD is an adult.

Second, the bill was for $180.50 even though my husband has good eye insurance.  Never have we received a bill this high for my sd's eyes so I did a little research.  I'm waiting to hear back from the eye insurance company but from what I can tell from the bill the ex sent us and the online statement at our eye insurance company, the ex allowed my stepdaughter to get both new glasses and contacts at once (in the past, it's always been either/or, never both because insurance only covers one or the other in a year).  The ex billed us for the contacts (which weren't covered at all BECAUSE her new glasses that my stepdaughter got, per our insurer online, were covered by our insurance instead).  The ex didn't tell us about the glasses!  Scammer. Unreasonable and unnecessary mean anything?   That's assuming we were legally obligated to pay for any of this - which we are not.  SD should get a job (yeah, she quit her very part-time job awhile ago).

Does the ex think we're stupid and she could pull one over on us?  Does she think that now that my sd is an adult that the rules change?  The only rules that changed as far as I can see is that WE AREN'T LEGALLY REQUIRED TO PAY FOR ANY OF THIS.

The ex never talked to us about whether we'd be willing to pay for my sd's stuff after she turned 18. She's just assuming we are.  She really shouldn't assume anything.


Another $60 birth control bill!!!!!!

>> Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We received another $60 birth control bill in the mail today from the ex for my adult stepdaughter (we didn't pay the last one so not sure what she's thinking).  The ex has NEVER spoke one word to my husband about us paying for sd's birth control...she just sent a bill - again.

My stepdaughter knows there is a clinic in her county that will provide exams and birth control for little to nothing out of pocket.  The ex is waiting for ME, "current wife" to her ex-boyfriend (that's how the ex has referred to me anyway) to call them and get information for her. Why in the heck should "I" call the clinic for my ADULT stepdaughter when she lives down the road from the place and I am in a different state?  Why doesn't the ADULT who is having sex call?  Why doesn't the ex call - the one who lives in that county and is allowing underage boys to sleep over at her house?  My husband says it is easier for her to pay the $60 every month (and send them to us) rather than make a phone call herself.  She probably doesn't want to talk to a stranger about *gasp* sexual activity her Catholic, adult daughter is having outside of marriage.  They have the addresses, hours, phone numbers, and info. the clinics provide - all they have to do is pick up the phone and set a time to go there around sd's schedule (which I don't know so I couldn't do it anyway). I firmly believe that sd is an adult and should be taking responsibility for making these arrangements anyway. Obviously both adults choose to wait until somebody else does it for them.

I've already looked up both counties' clinic information and provided it so my sd or the ex can do with it what they will.  This is their problem and yet they want stepmom to do everything for them. Heck, the boy who is sleeping with her can make a darn phone call too. This is stupid.  We aren't even involved in any of this and yet they want ME to do all the leg work for them.  Pfft.


Homecoming, Memorials, Turning 40

>> Saturday, September 10, 2011

Next weekend is my freshman daughter's first homecoming!  She and one other freshman were invited to a formal dinner by a senior in the school to attend before homecoming (catered by her family's restaurant I would imagine).  These two girls were the only freshman invited so my daughter got a thrill out of that.  This senior is a very nice girl and has been nice to my daughter, despite the age difference the last few years.  Then she'll attend her first homecoming with a group of her friends (no dating yet).  This weekend is dress shopping so she's very excited.

Next weekend is also the weekend of my grandmother's memorial that I am not going to attend.  I won't ask my daughter to give up her first homecoming to attend a memorial in another state for somebody she didn't know (I hadn't seen her in years - we had a falling out due to the very strained - antagonistic, angry - relationship I've had with my father (her son) from the time I was a child (total dysfunction in the family...rotten).  Anyway, my father tried to lay a guilt trip on me about not attending the memorial but after the childhood he gave me and the fact that he moved to the other side of the country from his own kids, grandkids and mother with my most recent stepmother (not one of the women he cheated on my mother with...this was three girlfriends later...or four, I don't know - lost count), pfft. I'm sure he knows where I think he should put his guilt trip!

No matter how old you get (and I'm staring at 40 next month), the family dysfunction never really goes away.

Speaking of 40 - I received a compliment last night.  I overheard one of my son's friends say, "That's your mom?  She looks like a teenager!"  hee hee  40 isn't looking too shabby to me at the moment! Maybe I won't cry as hard as I think I will.


Free Purina Puppy Training Pads

>> Friday, September 9, 2011

If you have a new puppy in your house, I wanted to share this rebate offer I am using.  If you buy the Purina Pet Gear Training Pads (20 count) at Wal-Mart ($6.94 at my Wal-Mart), there is a rebate available here that will reimburse you up to $8.00 so that makes these puppy training pads FREE after rebate!

Here's the actual wording for the rebate:

One (1) Purina® Pet Gear Training Pads 20 count carton at any Walmart Store between August 1, 2011 Thru October 31, 2011 to receive a rebate for the amount of the purchase up to $8.00, while supplies last.

Just thought I'd share!


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