Christmas Tree Hangover

>> Thursday, December 26, 2013

Anybody else ready to take the tree down? I am ALWAYS ready to take it down as soon as Christmas is over to get it out of my living room and make space (we're cramped here with six of us). The family wants it left up until after New Year's. We'll probably compromise and take it down in a couple days.

When do you take yours down?


Growing Up - Hard to Do

>> Monday, December 9, 2013

My oldest daughter is talking about going to school to be a vet. She is also talking about going to school in Kentucky (NOT where we live). That makes me sad. If she meets somebody there and ends up settling down there, that's where my daughter and future grandchildren will live. Oh, children growing up is so hard (on me).

I looked up some louisville real estate. Maybe we could get a vacation home there or something if she were to stay in KY (maybe win a million dollars while we're dreaming), but I am hoping she'll decide to go to school in the state we currently live in or the state she was born in.


Still No Case Closure Notice

Five months since my youngest stepchild turned 18 and STILL no letter from the court indication closure of the case.  I could assume it is closed permanently but ya know what they say about assuming?

I just want the notice. That's all.


Crystal Sax Mouthpiece

>> Thursday, December 5, 2013

Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I was online window shopping at a music store and came across a Crystal mouthpiece for the sax.  How cool is that?

I played clarinet in junior high school. I don't remember ever having the option for a crystal mouthpiece. I might have played longer had it been made a little bit more cool. It's not a necessity. It's the coolness factor. 

Add a crystal soprano sax mouthpiece to somebody's stocking this month. This would be something nobody else in band class had!


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