Beware of Motorcycles on the Road

>> Thursday, May 22, 2014


It's that time of year again. Please watch for motorcycles. They are everywhere and can easily be in your blind spot or harder to see than a larger vehicle.

After my cousin died on his motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of him, it has made me extra cautious and I always try to remind people in the spring to remember motorcycles are now sharing our roads again.

My hubby wanted a motorcycle. I told him I couldn't, not until our kids were all grown. With my cousin dying and an old boyfriend having an accident when a car backed out in front of him, I don't want to leave our young kids without a parent or two. He doesn't know anything about motorcycles so all maintenance and repairs would have to be done by a shop too...don't need another expense right now.  I know you can get motorcycle parts online but really, he wouldn't know what to do with them anyway.


Never Goes Away


...hoping things will be all hunky dory after the kids turn 18...kinda a bust the last several years.

It's "better" but still some "growing" pains in there.

The ex contacted my husband recently about some medical issues their adult son was having. Why wouldn't the son do that instead of mom you might ask? Hell if I know since my husband's son chats with dad almost every day so it doesn't require mom to be contacting dad for a non-emergency.

Dad told his ex-girlfriend to have their son contact him for future medical stuff.  Duh. Kid is an adult. Ex-girlfriend no longer in the picture unless emergency, wedding, baptism, graduation. Rest of our ex!

Anything else?

Yeah, a little. We have a health fund. We have a certain amount in that health fund every year that pays for 100% of our medical bills but it's a small fund. After the fund is used up, all medical bills come out of our pocket. Hubby's kids are all adults, one drinking age. Our four kids together are all minors. Again, SMALL fund. The ex still takes the adult kids to doctors, after hour clinics, emergency rooms for things we wouldn't rush to the doctor for. Any little thing HAS to be looked at NOW.   The ex has decided to support their adult stepchildren well beyond drinking age so they don't have their own jobs with their own insurance. Our health fund is getting all used up...for adult kids on things we wouldn't approve. When his adult kids take chunks out of our health fund based on doctor and hospital visits the ex determines to take them to, leaving all out-of-pocket costs for our minor four children hitting us in the bank account when our health fund is there for them...yeah, a little annoying.

So why not take his kids off our insurance?  Good question. Obama says they can stay on until they are 26. Yeah, well, OBAMA isn't paying our damn medical bills. It might be time to take them both off anyway. They would still be insured through their mom...or they can get Obamacare!


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