Is SS Hubby's?

>> Thursday, November 13, 2014

What if you suspected your grown stepson was fathered by another man?

I've said all along that I didn't think my SS was my husband's for many reasons (the ex didn't tell him she was pregnant until she was more than three months along though they lived together, she "offered" to allow him not to claim paternity (as he did with their daughter) but didn't tell him why (he assumed she just wanted to keep father/son apart since they broke up), the ex's long time boss does things for them like send them to Disney a few times, buys them computers and large, flat screen televisions, pays her personal cell phone, etc.), and mom was very active through this kid's entire childhood in alienating father and son. He also doesn't look anything like his dad but that could've been just the way the genes fell.

I've recently come across a picture of this very generous and involved boss. OH.MY.GOD. 

Can we say spitting image? Facial features, bone structure, skin and hair color...

If true, coming forward that she had cheated would have destroyed her fake BS image with the in-laws, would have made her years' long battle to destroy dad hypocritical, and her strict Catholic upbringing - her dad would birth a cow. He had already disowned her when she became pregnant the first time w/o marriage. A second pregnancy by cheating? That would've been HUGE.


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