First Homecoming

>> Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonight is my oldest daughter's first homecoming.  She's so excited.  I'll take her to get her hair put up later and then she has a homecoming dinner a senior invited her to from the marching band.  Afterwards, it'll be lots of pictures and then taking her to her dance (she is going with a group of dating yet).  Though the boy she likes will be there (he also gave her his football jersey to wear to school yesterday for their homecoming game which thrilled her).  Remember your high school days?  I do.

Last night, she marched in the band for their homecoming game and had a blast.  What a great game (we won).  After the game, the band marched off with everybody wearing their marching hats flipped backward and some of them dancing.  My daughter was wearing her friend's beret from the drum section (sure hope lice isn't a problem in high school right now...eek).

*fingers crossed* that the homecoming dance is without drama and is a blast for her. So far, she has good memories of her first homecoming activities...hope the dance is the same way for her.


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