Another $60 birth control bill!!!!!!

>> Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We received another $60 birth control bill in the mail today from the ex for my adult stepdaughter (we didn't pay the last one so not sure what she's thinking).  The ex has NEVER spoke one word to my husband about us paying for sd's birth control...she just sent a bill - again.

My stepdaughter knows there is a clinic in her county that will provide exams and birth control for little to nothing out of pocket.  The ex is waiting for ME, "current wife" to her ex-boyfriend (that's how the ex has referred to me anyway) to call them and get information for her. Why in the heck should "I" call the clinic for my ADULT stepdaughter when she lives down the road from the place and I am in a different state?  Why doesn't the ADULT who is having sex call?  Why doesn't the ex call - the one who lives in that county and is allowing underage boys to sleep over at her house?  My husband says it is easier for her to pay the $60 every month (and send them to us) rather than make a phone call herself.  She probably doesn't want to talk to a stranger about *gasp* sexual activity her Catholic, adult daughter is having outside of marriage.  They have the addresses, hours, phone numbers, and info. the clinics provide - all they have to do is pick up the phone and set a time to go there around sd's schedule (which I don't know so I couldn't do it anyway). I firmly believe that sd is an adult and should be taking responsibility for making these arrangements anyway. Obviously both adults choose to wait until somebody else does it for them.

I've already looked up both counties' clinic information and provided it so my sd or the ex can do with it what they will.  This is their problem and yet they want stepmom to do everything for them. Heck, the boy who is sleeping with her can make a darn phone call too. This is stupid.  We aren't even involved in any of this and yet they want ME to do all the leg work for them.  Pfft.


Angie September 29, 2011 at 1:57 PM  

Stop doing the leg work. The ex is trying to rub you the wrong way. I'd just simply not pay bills I'm not legally obligated to pay, and not waste my time on the phone trying to find out anything else.

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