Ex Scamming Us?

>> Thursday, September 15, 2011

We received another bill from the ex for my adult stepdaughter for an eye appointment.

First, we aren't legally required to pay for this. SD is an adult.

Second, the bill was for $180.50 even though my husband has good eye insurance.  Never have we received a bill this high for my sd's eyes so I did a little research.  I'm waiting to hear back from the eye insurance company but from what I can tell from the bill the ex sent us and the online statement at our eye insurance company, the ex allowed my stepdaughter to get both new glasses and contacts at once (in the past, it's always been either/or, never both because insurance only covers one or the other in a year).  The ex billed us for the contacts (which weren't covered at all BECAUSE her new glasses that my stepdaughter got, per our insurer online, were covered by our insurance instead).  The ex didn't tell us about the glasses!  Scammer. Unreasonable and unnecessary mean anything?   That's assuming we were legally obligated to pay for any of this - which we are not.  SD should get a job (yeah, she quit her very part-time job awhile ago).

Does the ex think we're stupid and she could pull one over on us?  Does she think that now that my sd is an adult that the rules change?  The only rules that changed as far as I can see is that WE AREN'T LEGALLY REQUIRED TO PAY FOR ANY OF THIS.

The ex never talked to us about whether we'd be willing to pay for my sd's stuff after she turned 18. She's just assuming we are.  She really shouldn't assume anything.


Ann Marie's Photography September 15, 2011 at 7:00 AM  

I so relate to almost every post. We pay 1300 a month to one and 971 a month to another. My hubby sties to see the kids but..... no... they always have an excuse. I raised my now 18 yr old son alone. Only got 100 a month since he was 12. I never messed with his dad. He helped here and there. I only cared about my baby, MY son.
But lord these ex's..... it is call HAP Hostile Agressive Parenting. A way for them to still try to control. A sickness. Makes me want to hurt someone. Do they not understand the only ones hurting are the children!

Syn September 15, 2011 at 8:29 AM  

For the last six years, with the exception of this past summer, the stepkids were always too busy for us as well. The ex would send us a long schedule where they had something almost every day, leaving two days free during the summer months, for dad to see his kids. Since we're in another state - yeah, that's not possible. Never mind the month the court order says is for dad. He'd only ask for a week of his time with them and it'd still be too much. This past summer, my stepkids wanted to come here twice - shocker! I think it was only for my sd to get money out of her dad for college though (so perhaps not so much a shocker). I've been married to dad for 15 years now - - you'd think the ex's hostile aggressive parenting would've run its course by now:( I don't think they see it as hurting the kids. They martyr themselves, thinking they're doing it all for the kids (in their sick minds) when they're only doing it for themselves, leaving the kids with life long scars.

Syn September 15, 2011 at 8:29 AM  

By the way, love your photographs!!!!!

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