Not an Extreme Couponer...but I'm pretty good...usually

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I coupon.  Not to the extreme but I clip coupons, go to different stores in the area for the best deals, make sure I use the store's register rewards and extra bucks (like cash in coupon format for the next visit) and find good deals online with online coupon codes as well (I've got my eye out for gap coupons right now).  Until last week.

My oldest had a bad virus - she was sooooo sick.  I never made it out until today to shop.  I was so disappointed to see I'd lost $20 in register rewards that had expired - that's like throwing away a $20 bill!  Ugh.  Oh well. Can't do anything about it and it's not like I would've done anything different - I had a sick child to take care of. If I'd thought about it, I should've sent the hubby out to use them in the store on ginger ale and stuff for the sick one but my mind was on my sick teenager and doctor appointments and not couponing.  Brush it off.


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