SS Graduating: Dad Not Getting Ticket to Go

>> Monday, April 1, 2013

My SS is graduating.  Dad already took off the week from work so we could travel to their state for it, found a dog sitter, made arrangements on where to stay, etc.

Well, it has happened again this year.  The school gives him eight tickets for family to attend his graduation.  Out of those eight tickets, how many do you think dad is getting?  NONE!

He was told yesterday that he would have to find his own tickets to attend. I doubt my SS knows about this since he and his dad talk almost everyday and I can't imagine he would do that to his dad at this point. I think it's the ex and my SD (they pulled stunts two years ago when SD graduated as well) doing this.

Geez, I hope she at least wished him a Happy Easter before she basically told him where to go.


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