Putting Distance Between Us

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wouldn't you just love to pack up your stuff, hire some long distance movers and move far enough away from the ex to where you could have your own life, a life for your family, without the daily conflict?

When the company I worked for was bought out and I was offered a management buy-out, I took the money and we moved to where the jobs were. My husband drove back and forth every other weekend for his kids and we were able to get some version of "normal" for our own kids in longer duration as opposed to daily stress from having to deal with the ex almost daily.

Distance saved my sanity. It gave my kids a normal family life. It likely saved my marriage because I'd have walked before I'd let that daily hostility continue to affect my kids (that's a whole other story that'll make your jaw drop).

I'll get into that more when I finish the story I started the other day.


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