One Less Month! Imagine me jumping for joy right now!

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

My countdown for half of our legal obligation with the ex ends in less than one year and seven months. I just noticed my first countdown flipped again recently! Boy that's a lot better than the 15 years it used to be! Wow! Two years following that, the last half of the legal obligation ends.

It seems like the time is dragging on but I sure do love to see one less month flip on my countdown. It keeps my spirits up a bit to know that there IS an end to the contact with her, the record keeping, the online backup of digital records saved and scanned over all these years, tracking child support because the courts have a problem doing it, and the check going out. We'll finally be able to move into a home that is big enough rather than being squeezed into little rooms. I want to have a bonfire in our fire pit with all of the paper records. That alone would take several nights to burn I think. Oh well, I'll just watch it burn while I toast the end of the legal relationship to the ex with champagne!


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