Adding More Work with Computer Services

>> Monday, November 16, 2009

I have 15 blogs and am thinking about adding a few more (11 are updated pretty regularly so I must be crazy to consider creating a few more). My current blogs cover a range of different topics from this stepfamily blog to country life to celebrities to politics to fashion to more. Yeah, crazy is marrying a guy with THAT ex so call me crazy! :)

I have all my blogs under one account but I am thinking about actually creating a few of my own so they aren't so cookie cutter and concentrating on advertisers for those. I'd probably have to hire somebody to help initially get it off the ground so I can learn as they do it plus have some IT support from a place like orange county computer services. Then I think to I really want more blogs? Life is busy enough as it is. I still have a few blogs that I haven't done enough with and maybe I should concentrate on those first.

Yeah, I'm crazy.


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