Text for Hubby to Come to Hotel Room to Visit Kids (ex would be there). Weird.

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

My husband just told me he got a text from his daughter last night, telling him they were at a hotel room (about 113 miles from where we live), where they are staying because they're going to an amusement park today and would HE like to come visit them that night (last night)?  Late at night?  It sounded like the invitation was made just to him.

Ummm...huh?  A text at night, for HIM to drive more than two hours with no notice and come to a hotel room, with the ex and the kids...a little weird.  Hubby thought it was more than a little strange. 

What I find even stranger is that they are THIS close to our home and didn't make arrangements to come this weekend after their amusement park fun today (they're heading back to their state tomorrow).  Oh wait, there's another teen club my stepdaughter would rather go to tomorrow night.  That's right.  I forgot.  Priorities.  They can squeeze dad in at 11:00 at night in a hotel room, with their mom.  Yeah, that's happening. 


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