Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

>> Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I was looking up concert tickets at gotickets.com to see if Eminem would be in our area soon.  He isn't, but KISS and Carrie Underwood will be.  My husband would like KISS and my daughter would like Carrie Underwood.  I want to see Eminem, Billy Idol or Bon Jovi.  I didn't tell my kids but Justin Bieber is on their concert list as well. Boy would they love to see Justin Bieber.

It's a pretty cool site.  There are concert tickets, sports tickets, family show tickets, and what I'd love to see, Las Vegas shows with a guarantee.  It's been five years since I saw Bon Jovi last.  I'm due for a little Jon Bon Jovi soon!


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