Husband's New "Business" (More Like Hobby) - Guitar Picks

>> Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hubby is starting a side hobby.  It won't make any money, so I hesitate to call it a business because eventually you expect a business to make money, which this one won't, but he's making guitar picks and will be selling them (for next to nothing).  He'll cover his materials and that's about it. 

I am going to make a web site for him.  I need to make sure there isn't any type of license he needs.  Everything will probably be handled by check, money order, or paypal all through online sales so not sure if I will need a receipt printer.

He's sent out many of his guitar picks to people he knows through the guitar forums and they've all raved about them and are recommending him to other people they know.  He thinks that's pretty cool.  I'm all for anything that takes his main interest from going through guitars left and right to putting a very small amount of money out for materials to make picks.  Saves us money!


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