Two Job Interviews Friday

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hubby may have TWO or more interviews on Friday now, not just one.  My stepkids don't know it yet but the likelihood of us moving close to them just went up.  My stomach is doing flip flops from nerves.  There's so much to do, think about, worry about over moving to another state.  I better pop some multivitamin supplements to counteract the stress before I make myself sick.

We'd go back to seeing the kids every week!  Yeah!!  That's awesome.

We'd go back to seeing the ex every week!  Well... 

Things have been better with the ex this past year (she's got the kids so she has no reason to be difficult).  I wonder if that will change when we move back and start infringing on "her" time (never mind legally it's not "her" time but y'all understand what I mean).


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