Relocation A Good Possibility - Soon

>> Friday, September 10, 2010

My husband has a phone call today for a potential job back in our home state where my stepkids live.  In reality, if he gets a job offer within the next couple weeks, we could all be living back in our home state probably in a month or two after job acceptance (he'd go ahead of us for the job and stay with my family).

We aren't saying anything to my stepkids about it - yet.  First, it might get their hopes up (we can hope, right?).  Second, there will be time to tell them once he accepts a job offer.  Hubby will give two weeks notice at work and I would imagine it'll take at least double that time for us to find a home big enough for six kids and five dogs (and two horses) to rent in the area and to move our lives to another state.  No point in bringing it up until it's definitely going to happen. Besides, we don't want to give the ex too much time to come up with new ways to interfere in the kids' parenting time with dad. We'll also be able to go to their concerts, etc.  That will be nice. 


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