Dharmic Dance by KO

>> Monday, September 13, 2010

Dharmic:  is an Indian spiritual and religious term that means one's righteous duty, or any virtuous path.

I was just listening to Dharmic Dance by Kevin O'Connor of KO Guitar and thinking about the definition of "Dharmic" and the dance we do through blending our families.  The definition (of "dharmic") changes slightly depending on which religion or culture is defining it but I liked the one I found above.  It made me think.  Do we always do the right thing as a step-parent?  If so, is it right for us or right for the kids, or both?  How about when there is a difference between right for "his" kids and right for "your" or "our" kids?  How do you make a decision then?  Are we always doing the Dharmic dance, do we take the right path for the right reasons?

It's funny how a song can touch you in some way, bring back memories, or make you think.  The song title did that.  Being a part of a musical family, I am always interested in hearing new sounds like KO and will share this artist with my husband after work. 

KO is an original in an age of cookie cutter "talent" - worth listening to.  He writes songs from his own experiences, sings original music, and is a gifted guitarist (as well as a producer and engineer).  His songs are like short stories about "man, woman, nature and the geography of the soul." 

Being married to a guitarist and vocalist myself, I appreciate the imagination, talent and drive to do what you love.  Kevin O'Connor is doing what he loves.  He can be seen and heard in the New York area (where he's been for 25 years - check him out!) or you can pick up his CD.  To do it for 25 years - definite drive to doing what you love!

You can find KO at iTunes, CD Baby, and on Facebook!


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