Rip a Loved Kitten Away From My Kids?

>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few weeks ago, a kitten hitched a ride underneath my car.  I couldn't find its owners after walking the streets, calling the police, vets, dog pound, and humane society.  Nobody has called looking for her.  She's been living with us inside our house...and I'm allergic.  I knew I was allergic before we brought her into the house but I thought somebody would be missing this friendly, clean kitten and I'd find its owners so she wouldn't be with us long.  I'd deal with the allergies until then.  I couldn't just ignore her and hope she didn't get hit by a semi-truck or a wild cat or coyote wouldn't get her, etc.  I don't have it in me.  Well, I couldn't find her owners and my allergies are letting me know they are not liking it at all.  My kids, on the other hand...

Karma (laying with my sleeping daughter)

This is my five-year-old daughter sleeping with Karma, the lucky little kitten.  Karma has made herself at home here - she's best buddies with my tiny dog and ignores the other dogs in true cat fashion, sleeps on my kitchen table when she thinks I'm asleep and won't come back into the kitchen and catch her, climbs my screens, tries to climb the back of my chair while I'm sitting in (resulting in cat claws in the booty and loud cussing), sleeps with the kids, and protests when I try to confirm whether she is, in fact, a female.  What's not to love?  How am I supposed to find this bundle of fur a new home when my kids obviously love this little thing?


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