Living Close to the Ex Again

>> Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thinking about relocating back to our home state, where the stepkids are, has me thinking about some of the reasons why it was so easy to move to begin with (besides the job situation and my drama-inducing mother).  It was the constant hostility with the ex, her sister getting in my face when I'd pick the kids up from daycare during our parenting time, and my getting punched in the lower back (while pregnant) at my stepdaughter's dance recital as that same sister walked by (wish they'd had security cameras in that area because I would've had her arrested in a second if it'd been caught on video) that made the decision to move easier than it should've been.  The family court would do nothing (they said it was a police matter since I wasn't a part of the court order despite it happening during the pick up of the kids during parenting time, that same pick-up at the request of the ex) and the police wouldn't do anything (they said it was a family court matter)...what did they care, I was just the stepmom - pregnant stepmom.

I could've kept my job there and supported the family myself, knowing it might've taken years for hubby to find a job in the area we lived in, in the industry he works in, but I was not going to pay my husband's child support for him, especially after how bad things were with the ex and her family and the way I'd been treated and assaulted.  Not my ex - not my responsibility.  Not my kids - not my responsibility.  I had an opportunity to take a management buy-out at my company, which had just gone through a sale, and I grabbed it with both hands.  At that point, we'd been living in a constant state of stress for almost five years and it was affecting our own family so I was ready to put a little distance between the two warring homes.

We moved to where my husband could get a job in his field.  Now we are considering moving back.  It's a little bit of a concern - wondering if certain people have grown up enough to behave themselves and act like mature, rational adults. I guess we'll see if or when we move.


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