Bad Luck with Genetics

>> Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My five-year-old gets a flushed, rough feel to her cheeks.  I'm not sure if it is keratosis pilaris or if she needs rosacea treatment. I have keratosis pilaris so I'm thinking she got that from me and unfortunately, unlike me, she got it on her face.

I feel bad for her inheriting my bad skin.  Between my littlest inheriting my skin and my middle daughter inheriting my thick, frizzy hair, I'm wishing they'd have inherited more of their dad's genes!!  He has great straight, dark hair and big blue eyes with long lashes no man should get before a woman does!! 

I know keratosis is more common than not.  Do you know of any treatment that will reduce the roughness?  I've never seen one.  When I was little, a doctor gave me this really greasy cream to put on my legs and arms that didn't work.  Have there been any improvements in treatments in the last 30 years?


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