Finally Got Some ME Time!!

>> Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday was the first day since August 24, 2010, that I had every one of my four children in school.  One or the other have all been home sick since the start of school.  Hubby works nights so it was just the two of us for a couple hours Friday morning with peace and quiet before he went to bed.  We were so behind in everything due to the kids' illnesses the last three weeks that we worked. Ha, and everybody thought it'd be lingerie for us.  Honestly, I wanted him to go to bed so I could finally have total quiet.  I needed to be alone after taking care of all my kids through their various illnesses.  Was that bad?

It was a good day.  I went horseback riding, did some work, did some cleaning, soaked in a tub (without a kid knocking at the door looking for me), and just enjoyed how QUIET it was around here.

Unfortunately, my middle daughter now has a low-grade fever so it looks like we won't be getting that alone time next week either.  Guess we should take advantage of it when it comes instead of working.  Ha ha.


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