Treating Kids Differently

>> Friday, January 8, 2010

Does the ex show favoritism for one of your stepchildren over another?  I sometimes wonder about mine but I've never outright asked the kids because I sure wouldn't want to point it out or accuse without knowing for sure.  Here's why I wonder...

For Christmas, it seems like my stepson gets hugely expensive gifts and my stepdaughter doesn't.  This past Christmas, my stepson got a laptop and my stepdaughter got CD's and DVD's she said.  We were wanting to look at netbooks or laptops for my stepdaughter for graduation but now I wish we'd had the money to do it this year instead of waiting for next year.  Last year, he got an expensive guitar and she got...CD's and DVD's she said. 

In terms of discipline, my stepson has always skated with no discipline over some pretty bad behavior over the years while my stepdaughter gets grounded for a month at a time.  He also cusses like a sailor (while she doesn't).  She's the honors student and he's the one who almost failed every year of junior high. 

I really hope that my stepdaughter doesn't feel singled out or slighted at all. 


Mommy of 3 January 8, 2010 at 5:04 PM  

the Ex completely favors SS over her four other children (not with my Husband). I know this too be true not only from what SS tells us, but from the words out of her mouth directly. She has said to me directly that because SS is her baby and her last of 5 kids it really makes her love him more. Yes, and she said this in front of 2 of her other children.

As a mother I can not imagine loving one child over the other. My kids are completely different in so many ways, but I love them so much and in just different ways. No more, no less.

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