Going to Renew Our Vows - Maybe in a Castle

>> Monday, January 4, 2010

My husband and I are trying to plan a vow renewal for this summer, possibly in a castle.  We've wanted to renew our vows now for a few years but money is always an issue.  This year is no different but if we keep putting it off, it'll never happen.

My stepdaughter and I were texting about it.  She is SO thrilled about it.  She wants to be a part of it, help plan it, pick out dresses, etc.  I was very happily surprised that she is still geeked over the idea.  She was a few years ago when the subject first came up but the last few years have been different with the stepkids (more distance) so I wasn't sure. 

We will renew our vows probably locally here and then leave the kids and get away for a few days by ourself (which we have NEVER done).  We'll probably drive south. 

Hopefully nothing goes wrong.  Money will appear for the ceremony, kids' schedules will work, the cake won't fall over, the weather will be nice, our car won't break down on the way to the honeymoon we never had (better look at mechanical breakdown insurance), I'll lose all the weight I want to, and we'll be able to leave our kids for a couple days.  Seeing how we have a hard time just leaving them to go to the movies by ourselves, that's going to be a big deal to leave them.


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