I'll Be Mom of Teen Tomorrow

>> Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomorrow my oldest will officially become a teenager.  Hormonally speaking, she became a teenager these last six months if her attitude and mood swings are any indication but technically, it's tomorrow.  It's not like I'm ready for a Medicare supplement or anything like that, but it does make me feel a little old to be the parent of a teenager.  I join the ranks with my husband whose children are both teenagers.  Huh, it's about the only thing the ex and I have in common.  Just a little joke...

At this time 13 years ago, my water had already broke and I was shopping in Babies R Us buying last minute things we needed for her before she was born.  An ice storm was on its way (and it hit that night). 

We have her present ready and a cake on order for our own little party tomorrow (with her big party with her friends a couple weeks away).  I'm trying to avoid having a horde of teenagers descend on my house so I'm looking for a coffeehouse or something similar with open mic night for them to party there.  Let somebody else clean up the mess.


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