Economic Troubles Hit Us Too

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

Everybody has been struggling in this economy and we managed to hold our head above water for the better part of last year but towards the end, it all fell apart.  How are people getting approved to refinance the mortgages they struggle with in this economy?  We tried with our mortgage company and they wanted thousands of dollars to do it.  If we could afford that, we wouldn't need to refinance!  Bank of America kind of stinks in my opinion.  I wish they'd not taken over our old mortgage company's loans.  That was a bummer.  They want it all caught up by Feb. 6 or they intend to accelerate the loan and call the whole mortgage balance due.  Yeah, good luck with that.

Stress is getting to me.  I've had hives for a couple weeks.  I thought it was an allergy but I'm beginning to wonder if it is stress.  I'm SO itchy!  They are even on my face.  In addition to the best under eye creams to cover the circles under my eyes, I'm lathering on benadryl cream to minimize the hives.

I see my doctor Thursday.  He'll probably want to give me a Steriod shot.  I'd rather take them orally than with a needle.  I can't stand needles. 


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