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>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speaking of acne in my previous post, do you know anybody who uses or needs Murad?  I found murad reviews about it and thought I'd share. I haven't hit this stage personally with any of my kids yet and am hoping they'll just have normal teenage acne and not get a chronic case of it.  Do they (with "they" being the scientific community) even know what causes chronic acne yet?  You'd think with all the advancements out there for medical treatments, that figuring out why people get chronic eruptions of acne wouldn't be so difficult to figure out. 

I'm having my own skin crisis at the moment with these hives that have been spreading over the top half of my body these past two weeks.  It looks awful.  I have to cancel my daughter's speech therapy today because I can't walk into the school with a rash all over my face.  Until a doctor confirms it is hives, I don't want to freak anybody out by walking into a school with an undiagnosed rash.


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