Hives on the Lips. Seriously?

>> Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh my gosh, the hives are even worse this morning!  I just want to scratch my face off.  I thought it might be the new laundry bleach I bought but realized this morning that the hives would be all over my body if that were the case (I think anyway).  I don't look like I need body acne treatment; they're on my trunk and head wit a few patches on my arms and only one on one leg.  Not all over the body.  The ones on my face are really bothering me.  Not just because of how they look but they are intensely itchy.  My lips feel tight so they're spreading to them too it appears.  What is the deal with that? 

At this time tomorrow, I will be on my way to my doctor's appointment.  I am so anxious to get rid of these hives that I'm willing to get a shot of steriods in the backside if I have to.  Me, the person who gets whoozy at the sight of a needle, will glady take that shot tomorrow. 

*Fingers crossed* that the doctor know why I erupted in this rash and how to treat it quickly tomorrow!


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