What a horrid week. It can only get better, right?

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

WARNING: This is a vent/whine. I feel the need to vent my spleen.

Have you ever had one of those days where you are on the edge of tears due to whatever reason? I've had one of those weeks! Since last weekend, I've been hell to live with. I've been irritable and on the edge of tears for days.

It started after going to my family doctor to check my thyroid last week and my results arriving in the mail on Saturday. They think my levels are GREAT and they want to keep everything 'as is' (even though their labs are using the OLD recommendations for hormone levels and not the new ones). Because I haven't felt "great" in years and because my doctor won't listen to me, I just wanted to cry. I wanted to tell them what they could do with their sunny little letter that came with the lab results in the mail. I want my short-term memory back. I want my skinnier body back. I want the brain fog to clear. I just want to feel like ME again. Needless to say, I was beyond frustrated.

Then, I'm in bad pain for two days. I thought I had food poisoning. It hurt so bad I was nauseous. Turns out it wasn't food poisoning. Being female, well, you know what it was. Never before has it caused me that much pain. Thanks for making my week better! Not. Bad news AND that too? Oh boy was everybody around me in for it.

THEN (yes there is more), I check our bank account and find that somebody has hacked my bank card number. When all is said and done, they've spent over $1500, mostly in the United Kingdom having a grand ole time shopping and traveling. Then the bank tells me they canceled the card, when they didn't, so the hackers got another $400 out of that mistake. THEN (yes, always more), I've tried to file a police report at our local police department for the last couple days over the hacking but everytime I go there (during normal business hours during the day), it's all locked up...not one cop working...not a secretary...doors locked, nobody is on duty. WTH?

I've also been a bit upset with hubby because I get tired of getting the blame for everything from his family. I guess you expect it a little bit because of the dynamics between in-laws, but sometimes it seems like I get the blame for something he didn't do and since I'm just the in-law, blame naturally falls on me. He didn't email his sisters back all those times? Well, his wife must not have given him the email all those times (when in fact, I leave them for him to read and won't delete them until he's had a chance to...it's not my fault if he won't respond back to them). Their brother, my husband, doesn't get along with his ex? Oh, it is all his wife's fault. Never mind they've never bothered to even ask their brother! Hubby married me and not the ex? Cardinal sin!! I'm getting tired of it. His sisters send out these mass emails to all their family and friends (including the ex and my husband's new email which the ex didn't have until they did this), but didn't include me in their mass emailing. Hubby, not realizing what they're doing, responds back to "all" to whatever the email is, unknowingly confirming his personal email back to the ex along with his response over what they sent...straight to the ex. She's probably sleeping with a copy of the email beneath her pillow, thinking he meant it to go to her when it would be the last thing he'd want. The ex is a part of their friends/family line; I'm not. We've been married for more than 13 years. They were never married. I've loved and supported their brother all of these years; the ex made him miserable. I've been here for him while the ex made false accusations and alienated their children.

Maybe it's all PMS motivated...I don't know. Maybe I'm overly sensitive right now. Maybe I just feel like the convenient scapegoat for other people's behavior.

Yes, I'm whining. I'm done now. It's been one of those weeks.


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