Attention Bloggers: Fantastic Jewelry Giveaway from Blogaways

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

I like it when men wear a couple of nice pieces of jewelry. The first time I saw my husband, he was on stage looking like he stepped off the cover of GQ magazine. He was just gorgeous to look at. He had several ear rings and a necklace, wearing what I call his "club suit" (jacket and slacks with a t-shirt). Very nice.

Whether you're man is smooth and can wear jewelry like Justin Timberlake or the hunky "guy next door" type (mine cleans up nice as a GQ cover guy), you'll want to enter this giveaway that Blogaways is doing right now with Titanium Jewelry just in time for Father's Day. It is for a chain and bracelet set worth almost $200. You might even want to enter the giveaway at Blogaways and keep the jewelry for yourself! It really is pretty jewelry.


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