When Mother Doesn't Know Best & Marijuana

>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

A mom in Oklahoma (Caroline Beavers) will be staring at the inside of her cell for several years (three years prison and seven years probation). She watched while an adult blew pot smoke into the mouth of her seven year old son with Downs Syndrome. Afterward, the child reached for his mom and she is seen on the video shaking the child and telling him to "stop it."

The mother's friend (Brandy Hugar) pled guilty but hasn't been sentenced yet. The woman who did this is eight months pregnant. They're pushing for six years prison and nine years probation for her.

There is controversy over this sentence. I've seen comments posted about the video (which I will post as soon as I find one I can embed) from individuals who think it wasn't a big deal. Here's a link to it instead. I've seen comments saying she was helping her child.

What do you think?


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