Pathetic Excuse for a Mother: She never fails to remind me why I dislike her.

>> Friday, April 3, 2009

For my husband's spring break parenting time, he is getting them starting on Saturday, instead of on Friday (they don't have school on Friday and technically, he could get them Thursday after school lets out) but according to the ex...

They are spending the day (Friday) with her parents (who they see more often than any of us). My stepson is spending Friday evening with his friends (who he sees all the time) and my stepdaughter is spending Friday evening with her boyfriend (again, who she sees all the time).

They haven't see their dad or their four siblings since last July. They haven't seen their paternal grandparents since last Easter. However, none of that is important enough to the ex so hubby can't have them until Saturday. So instead of my in-laws being able to bring them down with them when they come here Friday (they live in the same state), hubby will drive the 200+ miles on Saturday to get the kids here (unless my in-laws change their plans for her).

She's such a pathetic excuse for a human being! She never fails to remind me why I can't stand her.

For summer parenting time, he is legally supposed to have five consecutive weeks. He doesn't take that lump visit like that because their mother can't handle them leaving her for very long..she cries and carries on when they'd leave her just for a weekend so you can imagine how she is for longer parenting time occurrences. Instead, he takes 1-2 weeks total...appeasing that nasty thing who puts the kids through heck with her behavior. I hope that he takes all five weeks in one lump sump like he is entitled to. I am so damn tired of her thinking that dad and our children aren't important enough. I also think it is important that my stepkids understand that this time is important too.


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