Don't You Hate It When Part V

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

Onward with the "Don't You Hate It When" tradition. I have received a few more from readers so I thought I'd consolidate the last recent few here and add on...

  • Your DH's ex talks badly about you to the kids and continually sabotages any opportunity for a relationship with the them. She tries to control the household from afar. She endorses and encourages 'hatred' in them. She's the one who left. Why didn't she regret her decision before DH and I married. Oh, she wasn't threatened then.
  • Yeah, we get a lot of "you are not fulfilling your obligation to the children" when we told her we couldn't take them for half of spring break because we were going on our honeymoon. But, she has no problem with constantly asking us to take them on weekends that aren't his so she can go out of town for a girls' weekend or has company coming into town.
  • ...that the ex uses the children as pawns in her sick game but will "pawn" them off on her parents/babysitters/neighbors/hobos every chance she gets!
  • The ex expects you to chase her in order to get information on the it's some type of dating/relationship ritual instead of dad trying to get information on his child's health/school from their mother!
  • The ex won't pick up the phone to call dad but instead sends an email (to stepmom's email) telling him to call her. Pick up the phone and call him yourself! I'm not a friggen secretary!
  • The ex won't move on even after dad has remarried, had several more kids, and is coming on a decade and a half of marriage to somebody he is actually happy with. How do you go that long without a date, a OMG. Stop mooning over what you didn't appreciate when you had it and move on.
  • The ex let's the kid practically fail every class because actually parenting would be too difficult for her. It's easier to let the kids run things instead of the parent.

If you would like to add onto the Don't You Hate It When threads, feel free to comment with them here. When I get several more of them, I'll put them all into one post again.


Smirking Cat April 22, 2009 at 9:14 AM  

When the ex-wife slams the father and claims he is worthless and was never any good for the kids, but the instant she is having trouble with the kids because she is a poor parent, she has to call or email him and expect him to discipline the kids for her.

Anonymous January 22, 2010 at 6:21 PM  

Don't you HATE it when the the (custodial) ex makes plans and arranges activities for the kids on the weekends they spend with you? There is never any consultation on what the kids get signed up for, let alone on things that might come up during their visit time with us. We just get told, usually at the time we pick them up. If we say, we have plans for the kids already this weekend, she threatens that if the kids don't get taken to all of their activities, they will not be "allowed" to come see us. We want to support the kids in their activities, but for one thing we need a schedule if it's something recurring. The other part of it is, often when we have to tell them that they aren't actually staying with us tonight but that they have to go sleep over at Johnny's or whatever, they cry. The truth is, they are overwhelmed by the amount of stuff the ex involves them in, and when they come to stay at their home with us, it's an absolute sanctuary for them.

Aunt T~ June 19, 2011 at 1:48 PM  

When the ex wants to "go by the book" this week but last week was perfectly happy with not being a Mother! Starting visitation talks at 10pm on the Saturday evening of Father's Day weekend re Sunday evening... via text. Can't BD have Father's Day off without BM being the focal point? Still fighting in the courts, they are with us full time. BM gets EOW and could take one night a week if she chose to. BUT, she's been getting extentions and new lawyers for two years so she's still tech Residential Parent. She moved 30 miles away Aug 2009, from two miles away. BD still pays FULL support! She has them EOW 8pm Sun (that's as early as she's available) through 6pm Sun. She won't make a plan, schedule, talk, email or put anything in writing. Can't commit. But then when we have plans, she claims we're keeping the boys from her =( . I am SO frusterated with the courts and her ability to get into the heads of my SS's and Husband, not to mention mine! How hard is it to MAKE A PLAN? The boys are 11 and almost 15. They pick what they want to do, we aren't just signing them up for stuff. We copy her with all dates and get everything OK'd with her if it falls on her weekend(s). I am so tired of her bull! Now her three SK's are in town for five weeks... Let the good times roll! Grrrrrr. Grow up!!!

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