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>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've been looking through a web site called Contemplation Marks for Relationship coaching information and came across this post called To Y.O.U. that I wanted to link for you guys here to read.  It reminded me of a few things my husband told me about his past relationship and thought it might strike a chord with others as well. 

Relationships can be hard.  They were really hard before I met my husband.  My husband and I rarely argue which is kind of odd because we are really different in some areas.  We tease, we laugh, and sometimes I get really annoyed with him, but we rarely argue anymore (since I disengaged mostly from dealing with his ex a few years ago, my stress level has gone down SO much).  Then again, we are totally alike in the areas that matter (marriage values, family values) so the fact that we have some differences like different music, different food, and have different tastes in movies doesn't really matter much.  Is that weird that we rarely argue? 

Even before I disengaged, we didn't fight often but when we did fight a few times a year, it was a big kaboom because I held things in until I blew.  Since putting the responsibility of dealing with his ex and issues mostly on dad a few years ago, I don't lie awake at night angry, with the inability to turn my brain off from the thoughts of something the ex said or did, how we are supposed to react to it, or which issue is going to court now. 

When my stepchildren are with us, I take care of them like my own children and will always be there for them no matter where they are at but when it comes to the long-distance dealings involving his ex, he handles and I just type for him.  I'm a happier person that way.


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