Financial Strains of Second Families

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Last night I couldn't fall asleep trying to figure out where we were going to come up with the funds to get the six of us to my stepkids' state next month.  We'd need an extra $700 minimum for dog kennels, gas, etc.  With my husband's work hours cut this past year, it's been very tight and we just saved our house from foreclosure.  I certainly won't risk the house by falling behind.  It'd be cheaper if the court order was followed and they came here like they're supposed to...but I'm not sure how much because my stepson can really eat, lol.

An unexpected check showed up today that wouldn't cover all of it but would certainly help so it was a big relief until I remembered some upcoming bills that haven't arrived yet.  My hospital stay last month, while most was covered by insurance, will still cost us out-of-pocket about $800 once the bill comes in according to the insurance statements we are getting.  That's huge when you have been living check to check this past year, not to even mention school taxes are due and that's more than the hospital bill.

*sigh*  Sure wish the economy would get a big kick in the backside for a boost and go back to the way it was.


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