Still Working on Summer Parenting Time

>> Sunday, June 20, 2010

With the stepkids' very busy schedule this summer (see previous post), hubby wanted to turn it on them and told the ex to let him know what would work for them.  Out of an entire summer, she came back with five days.  Five days with their dad...he's supposed to have a month.  Apparently, graduation parties with non-family are more important than spending time with dad and siblings.

Just short enough to where she doesn't have to give dad back any of his child support too for a parenting time abatement too.  Funny how well it would all work out for her.

The only thing I would consider working around, if it were me, would be the band schedule and even at that, I'd be talking to the band teacher to see what is required attendance and what isn't.  They can't expect kids not to spend time with their other parent all summer long, especially considering the divorce rate in this country where visitation schedules seem to be the norm anymore.  Only the ex expects that.


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