Wiener Dog Barks All The Time

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Has anybody had any luck with Cesar Millan's books for dog training?  I need help with a serial barker who drives me up the wall (so I know she must drive our neighbors up the wall as well the way she yipes at them up and down the fenceline when the poor people are trying to sit outside their yards and relax). 

From what I've read, it could be insecurity or boredom so either lots of walks for her or the book mentions treadmills. I can't imagine this little wiener dog mutt running her short little stubby legs on a treadmill.  I'd fall over laughing!

She does need to lose weight though.  She's like a little beached whale when she flops over to go to sleep.  When I say "flop", she really does just flop over. 


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