Stepdaughter Wants to Take Her 13 Year Old Sister Out to Concert

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

My stepdaughter texted me last night, wanting to know if she could take her 13-year-old sister to a concert the night we come into town with friends of hers.  I think it's great that she thought about this and wants to do it and I think it'd be great for them to spend time together doing sister stuff while we are in town to see them.  However, the concert is over an hour away, with a teenaged driver I've never met, and they'd be driving home after dark.  Unfortunately, this is one request that is going to be a no.  I told my stepdaughter I'd talk to her dad about it but that I wasn't real comfortable about it and told her why.  She seemed to understand.  It's sweet she asked though.


Anonymous July 2, 2010 at 1:49 AM  

You say, "I've never met". Aren't there 2 other actual parents who might already know the kid who's driving? Just a thought, you know. Because that came off as pretty self obsorbed. Do the opinions of any other adult weigh in on the decision making for this kids life? Or is your opinion the final word? I'd guess you way over step your role as a stepmom & step all over real mom's toes, left & right. I would also bet that you're the one who's ends up being disresectful, out of line & competitive. Not the Mom. You ough to not have such a high & mighty b*tch attitude towards her. Unless her mom isn't anywhere in the picture- you should shut up. I hope you don't let her kid see you get uptight or be rude to her either. And saying how frustrated you are with her or how bad she is at being a mom makes you sound catty, hostile & manipulative. I truly hope you keep your crappy opinions about her Mom to yourself. You would be a slimey worm-like maggot if you ever discussed this with her children until they're grown. But you're smart, you knew that already.
Good luck. And give the bio mom my apologies she has to heal with you too.

Syn July 2, 2010 at 7:47 AM  

What the hell are you talking about? I am talking about MY 13 year old daughter - not making decisions for my stepdaughter or her mother. I would not let MY 13 year old daughter drive around late at night from a concert with a teenaged friend who I have never met. It's called parenting. Do it much?

Your bets are way off and wrong. Get a grip. I don't come off as the slimey worm-like maggot here. You do. Been an ex long?

Anonymous July 3, 2010 at 7:21 AM  

WOW!! I have been reading your blog FOREVER, and I am amazed at the Anonymous person who commented...nothing like not reading the entire post BEFORE you post!! Sounds like they did not really even read it before they said what they did! I too would not let MY newly teenager ride far (you would not even be in your home state) away from home with people that I have not met...I agree with you that it was a nice thought from SD, but the fact still is there that you don't know everyone that is going AND you are the MOM!

I agree with your last comment: Been an EX long?? From what you write, I think you do a GREAT job with what you have to deal with!!

Syn July 3, 2010 at 8:44 AM  

Thank you!!! That person seemed like they couldn't see the situation clearly, or didn't want to. Too many assumptions and all untrue...that was a lot of bitter venom spewed. Hope they're having a better day today:) LOL.

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